Water Saving Campaign
For National Design Day we were asked to create a piece of work related to the topic of sustainable design. The example used was to make something out of things that you would normally throw away therefore finding a second use for it and preventing waste. I instead chose to create a campaign designed to create further awareness of the need to save water. The campaign consists of three ads each of which highlight an everyday use of water and put a twist on it to make people think twice about how much water they use and the need to save it. The three every day uses included showering, doing the dishes and using the toilet and resulted in a single hole shower head, a shallow based sink and a quarter flush toilet being created. These were just joke props meant to make people think about how much we take water for granted rather than actual products for people to buy. The campaign is based around the idea that if we continue to waste water these joke props could become the future of water use.
Single Hole Shower Head
The single hole shower head works particularly well because a lot of people love to take long hot showers with a lot of pressure so when you take away the holes leaving only one, you obviously take away the even distribution of pressure and make them question whether having a shorter shower with good even pressure is in fact better than a long shower from just one stream of water which hopefully makes them think about taking shorter showers.
Sustainable Design - Single Hole Shower Head
Shallow Base Sink
The shallow base sink is more to make people think about how annoying it would be trying to wash dishes in a sink like that particularly bowls or pots which you couldn’t submerge due to how shallow it is. The sink won’t make people try and wash their dishes in an inch of water but may make them fill their sink up one inch less than they normally would because they’ll see the relevance of using only as much as you need at any given time.
Sustainable Design - Shallow Base Sink
Quarter Flush Toilet
With a quarter and three quarter flush button added to the standard half and full flush buttons it wouldn’t necessarily make people use less water when they used the toilet because I’d image most people would use the lesser button whenever possible already. Instead the quarter flush toilet would just make people think about using less water in other water using activities during the day when possible such as watering the garden or washing the car.
Sustainable Design - Quarter Flush Toilet
This project was a finalist in the 2012 AGDA Student Awards.
Sustainable Design - Three Piece Campaign
Sustainable Design - SA Water Logo
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