I have been colouring my hair for several years and often change it so that was the theme behind my own brand ‘Steve Robbins Design’.
The design features a character of myself with a colour wheel which can be rotated to change the colour of my hair. This strategy allows people to interact with the brand and also addresses my hair which is obviously a point of difference and how I am often remembered and even referred to by. The colour wheel has another advantage of being something regularly used in a designers life so it works not only for the interactive side but also as some background to the brand.
Business Card
The card features the character design of myself with a colour wheel sandwiched between a folded over layer and is attached using a rotating pin with a portion of the wheel able to be seen through the die cut, which obviously becomes the colour of my hair. This allows the viewer to interact with the brand by being able to rotate the colour wheel and selecting which colour hair they want me to have. The card also has a tab which is folded over to create a stand so it could be stood up on someone's desk rather than being a flat card which could possibly get lost in amongst all the other cards.
Steve Robbins Design - Business Card
Steve Robbins Design - Business Card Animated
Steve Robbins Design - Business Cards Colour Variations
The website used the wheel idea to create a game show theme where the user can navigate by spinning the wheel which would rotate to one of six random colours which had a corresponding page that it would take you to although the navigation bar was also added to avoid people being frustrated at not being able to navigate where they wanted to immediately. The work was displayed on a big game board with the sub navigation having a very ‘Price Is Right’ feel.
Steve Robbins Design - Website
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