Jazza is a DJ who wanted both a text based logo and character logo created for their branding. The branding needed to be fun and playful to reflect his style and also differentiate him from the number of other DJ's in his area.
Business Card
The business card has been made to look like a DJ deck with a record which can be rotated and allows the user to interact with the brand in a playful way by being able to simulate being a DJ by turning the record. The record itself features the Jazza character while the text logo has been made to look like the DJ deck's brand name with the phone number being displayed as numbers from the volume bar.
Jazza - Business Card Front and Back
Jazza - Business Card Animated
Text Logo
The text logo looks a bit like a maze of sorts with the angles from the Z's and the A's presenting a great opportunity to piece all of the individual characters together. The shapes created from the overlapping characters has some continual lines right next to broken up lines which pairs well with a DJ given that they interchange smooth continuous parts of a song with broken sections and overlapping beats. The first A has been flipped upside down to continue the pattern but given that it's for a DJ who is continually spinning records a flipped character hardly seems out of place and it helps in creating an easily recognisable shape which is great for easy brand recognition.
Jazza - Record and Cover
Jazza - Record Case
Character Design
Jazza also wanted a character logo with a relatively simplistic shape style and related to music. The character created has large headphones on with bolts of music coming out from them and is singing or screaming at the top of his lungs with his hands also in the rock fingers position. The character has a lot of personality and great energy which is what you want to see from a good DJ.
Jazza - Badges
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