Threadless have a Simpsons design challenge where people create anything Simpsons related for their shirts with a handful of the entries selected to be printed and sold on their website.
Dr. Nick is probably my favorite Simpsons character and you have to love his terrible diagnoses so I thought what better way to show him off them have him bursting through your shirt mid operation which clearly isn't going according to plan.
Hi, Everybody! - Original Submission
Updated Versions
I'm not sure if designs can be altered if selected once they have been submitted but I thought I'd fix it up anyway if only for myself.
I added intestines inside the rip to give the illustration more depth and also went on to change the hands because for some reason they don't look right when the back of the hands are facing out rather than the third version when the palms would be facing the viewer. 
Hi, Everybody! - Revised Version (Added Inside Intestines)
Hi, Everybody! - Revised Version (Altered the Hands to the Other Side)
Hi, Everybody! - Flat Shirt
Hi, Everybody! - Angled Shirt
Hi, Everybody! - Shirt on Model
The design is currently up for scoring on Threadless so if you feel like voting for it or think you'd like to see it printed then follow the link below.
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