The logo created for Hello Sailor Photography plays off of the two key components in the name being 'Sailor' and 'Photography'. The outside of the logo is a ships steering wheel which makes up the 'Sailor' component and has the text running along inside it, while the inside is a partially closed/opened aperture of a camera lens making up the 'Photography' component. The combination of the wheel and the aperture makes the centre of the logo look much like the lens of a camera while the handles of the wheel also double as a camera flash. The repetition of circular forms gives the logo a strong symmetrical presence while the handles on the wheel spur out and provide a real point of difference.
Hello Sailor Photography - Window Display & Photographs
The job of the watermark is to make it so people can't use your pictures without permission or license and so people can recognise the photographer who took the photograph. The beauty of using this logo of a water mark is that because it is symmetrical a lot of the details are in the centre of the logo meaning they will be in the centre of the image which is often where the subject is and then with the handles of the wheel pointing out in different directions it makes it hard for the mark to be cropped out without losing too much of the photograph making it very difficult for people to display without showing that it isn't their own work. The solid handles on the wheel also make the logo easily recognisable which can lure the eye in to reading the Hello Sailor Photographer name.
Hello Sailor Photography - iPad Watermarks
Business Card
With the logo looking much like the lens of a camera the business cards follow that theme with the thought of making it appear like an actual camera. The front of the card has the logo placed in the centre where the lens would go with a die cut hole made inside the aperture while the back features contact details along with the same aperture graphic containing the die cut. The cut allows the card to works not dissimilarly to an actual camera where the person holding the card with the back facing them will be able to see items through the hole while people looking back at them will see the front of the card which has the logo and looks like the lens of camera. 
Hello Sailor Photography - Business Cards
Hello Sailor Photography - Business Card Front
Hello Sailor Photography - Business Card Back
The photographs used for the posters, watermarks and business cards were taken by Niki McNaughton of Hello Sailor Photography.
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